Increase vynoslivosti

Drugs to increase endurance

The sport of high achievements, the main slogan, which is “HIGHER, FASTER, STRONGER” implies the improvement of the physical body, the skills and improving the work of almost all body systems. In all disciplines the ultimate goal is the achievement of the athlete maximum, and perhaps even the absolute physical limits of the body. It’s safe to say that endurance is one of the most important factors in achieving high performance. Drugs

for endurance athletes were popular at all times. Currently, many profesional athletes can without the faintest conscience to admit that the results depend not only on the level of training, but also on the level of development of sports pharmacology in each country. Drugs that increase stamina used by many athletes of the past, and many of the athletes who received a suspension for a doping admit that 90% of athletes take performance enhancing drugs, and that in the world of sports, no one is not surprising.


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