Exercise - cardiovascular diseases - Endocrinology.
Physical activity Considerable importance must be given to the increase in physical activity, and especially recommended to allocate the so-called aerobic physical activity (involving oxygen). To reduce blood presure by…

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Exercise equipment for the home. What to choose
Current models of exercise equipment for home can be multifunctional and at the same time to occupy little space. If well choose a simulator, it will give the opportunity for…

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School running Scirun workout on a treadmill, the treadmill.

The search feature of Google Books for the word “treadmill”

shows books on medical topics, physical therapy, geriatrics (treadmill test, treadmill index Duke, treadmill ergometry, treadmill training).

So, an exercise bike and a treadmill – this is for people with normal health and for fat chaffinches . and the Ergometer and tradelogger (treadmill) – for people with health problems because of the use of thinner, electronic system adjustments.

A treadmill – it is not a strange word and old word. Came from the German language at the beginning of the last century, however it was written “treadmill”:

“Physiological basis of migratory status of birds” Publ. “Science”, 1932

“For experiments were used fatty chaffinches (3 males and 3 females) as it appeared before the experiment in a large aviary together with the control birds. Control chaffinches before morning feeding (3 males and 3 females), were planted in special cells for the control of motor activity. Experimental birds two individuals were in the same clock placed in the treadmill, where they received additional, in comparison with the control, motor load. The treadmill was rotated at a speed of 12 revolutions per minute…”

Well, then the word rusyfikuvalosya and turned into “a treadmill”

On the orbital scientific station “Salyut-6” “from the fourth day of the flight crew every morning and evening do physical exercise on a Bicycle Ergometer and trainer type of treadmill with a running track, equipped with a system of attraction, creating a burden on prodominate the axis of the body 50 kg. approx. Additionally performed daily strength exercises with shock absorbers and rubber bandages”.


In my opinion it is more correct treadmill, a treadmill a strange word, do not understand where did