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Special endurance in such types, as walking, running, on average, long-distance, marathon running, daily running and longer runs is the leading quality that maintains the desired speed of movement throughout the course.

With increasing duration of continuous exercise endurance depends on coordinated work of locomotor system, internal organs and “performance”, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of an athlete in the constant and necesary in the delivery of oxygen to tisues and economical use – spending – aerobic endurance.
Many American companies are engaged in the production of specialized products aimed at improving endurance.

For endurance, you should take the products containing the composition of Citrulline and/or different treatment. They stimulate increased endurance in people involved in mobile sports or aerobics.

Citrulline malate – differently it is called “aerobic creatine” – raises the level of ATP (energy) to unreachable concentration even when creatine becomes invalid! As well as that proven in clinical trials, Citrulline succesfully fights the buildup of lactic acid, which eliminates all negative sensations after training, Citrulline raises the level of nitrogen (NO) in the blood, which leads to oxidation by oxygen fat deposits and procesing them into energy and the rapid growth of it is lean muscle mas!