What are the dangers of home equipment – how to choose the right equipment for home, exercise equipment for home, home

The lack of fitnes experience, the desire to achieve results, incorrect dosing of the load can lead to unpleasant consequences. Than we can hurt during training and how to avoid it? I discused it with a personal trainer Alexander Belov, Manager of gyms company ’s planet Fitnes”.

1. The weighted Hoop (masage)

This is not the Hoop that we were turning in childhood. Located on the inner side of the balls increase the weight (the heaviest hoops weigh about

3 kg), and, according to developers, produce a masage effect. In the end, the Hoop should help in the fight against cellulite, exces weight, strengthen the pres, to improve the condition of the skin of the abdomen and thighs. It is argued that this Hoop has no negative effects on the internal organs.

Review fitnes trainer:

“Clases that wrap effective if you give them thirty minutes at least three times a week. And while dieting: only then will you have the chance to lose weight. That is, the usual cardio training, which is not something unique. The Hoop does not improve the condition of the skin of the thighs and abdomen, he could only deduce from these zones the exces fluid, so the orange peel effect will be les.

However, the weighted Hoop gives a shock load on the kidneys, spine and hip joints. Masage balls can injure the capillaries and cause the formation of hematomas with subsequent formation of connective tisue cords. If you decide to clas with a weighted Hoop, eliminate sharp jerk of motion and gradually increase your activity”.

2. Disk health (“grace”)

Someone familiar from the Soviet era. Actually, it’s not one disc, and two, they revolve relative to each other. A man stands on the top disc and rotate hips right-left. It is believed that this forms a thin waist (hence, in fact, a household name trainer — “grace”), strengthens obliques, and improves digestion.