How to exercise on the elliptical treasure
Elliptical trainers Rules of practice on the elliptical trainer To exercise on the elliptical trainer is very simple. Because of this, they have become the most popular shells in fitnes…

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Swimming for children - Fitnes at home for moms
Babies up to a year it is not necesary to teach swimming. The main thing at this age — to teach the child not to be afraid of water, make…

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Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa

Eat well sleep, enjoy the rest and guaranteed to lose the extra pounds. It’s fantastic? No, a new exclusive diet designed by the Wellnes centre is a world clas Miraval SPA. Lose weight like a resort!

The harmony of taste

A three-week spa-diet – a great start to weight los, but, among other things, it also helps to change eating behavior in General, will plant new healthy habits. By the way, the diet can be adjusted to more closely meet Your taste preferences. Try and understand what it’s like to lose the extra pounds without severe taboo to lose weight, fun.

Enjoyable diet

To make an individual nutrition plan, use the list below. In it You will find seven ideas for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily choose one dish from each category, solely in its taste. Minus 0.5-1 kg per week (depending on initial weight) guaranteed. And no feelings of hunger, which is so inappropriate on vacation.

30 minutes of cardio a day and You will lose weight much faster and not lose muscle mas along with fat.

No bans!

Most diets something prohibited. Learn to make delicious, but surprisingly low-calorie and nutritious meals.

Do not turn on the TV or read at the table – from eating nothing should distract.

1500 calories is Your daily rate. If You live according to the principle of “no day without fitnes”, then it can afford to 1800 calories.

Scientists have proven fitnes clases with a friend is more effective than 70%
A joint club card at the fitnes club - profitable in 7 000, proved Bright Fit. Studies of American researchers found that those who trained together, les chance ofraciti clases,…


What are the dangers of home equipment - how to choose the right equipment for home, exercise equipment for home, home
The lack of fitnes experience, the desire to achieve results, incorrect dosing of the load can lead to unpleasant consequences. Than we can hurt during training and how to avoid…

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