Fitnes afterdelivery with Cindy Crawford

Women often after childbirth face the problem – what you need to bring your body in normal shape. With this purpose, the world-famous model Cindy Crawford has created a New dimension”. This set of exercises is designed for young mothers who wish to return your body to its former beauty and smartnes. It is worth noting that the exercises are designed to quickly and as efficiently as posible, very gently, to recover their shape after childbirth, and sometimes even to seek such forms, which they never did.

Cindy has adopted this program and on my own experience after became a mother. The birth of a child brings many worries and the woman leaves little time for yourself. You can do the training when the baby is

sleeping. Don’t be lazy, and in a couple of weeks You will feel born again. You will feel unprecedented ease, confidence and pride in herself.

The program consists of three parts. The first complex is designed just for ten minutes. This complex You will easily be able to perform even when the child is awake. In that case, if You suddenly feel that is not enough this load, You can replicate the complex again. Give the body to adapt to physical stres and, at least for the first two weeks, takes only a ten-minute course. You can then proceed to the exercises of the second complex, which will strengthen your muscles. The final complex suggests a maximum fat burning.

To do the exercises You can in absolutely any order You want.

Cindy she says that started a week after birth. A couple of weeks she exercises the first set, then moved to the second stage, and, after some time, on the third. Eventually started to mix the exercises of the three stages of his course and quickly returned to his usual body a perfect shape.

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