Fitnes on your maste

It often happens that new – it’s great forgotten past. Long ago, a huge number of years ago was demanded compulsory gymnastics in production. It could be treated often with laughter, and all of it was in my memories far away in Communist subbotniks and time of collection of waste paper. You should not only fitnes, but also to remember what to do in case of poisoning . Because first aid is quite important. It is worth saying that the rules are simple and can remember them all.

After that formed American films about the lives of businesmen and busines ladies, which were circulated words: step aerobics, fitnes,

stretching, shaping. So, on the screens you could see a lot of trainers in the office and personal trainers, and the main heroines and heroes suddenly for no reason, no reason, began to show the flexibility of his body, not in movies about sports and not in scenes with a bed, and on the background scenery of the office.

It should be said that in Rusia the great American cause was not immediately picked up. From the beginning, the word “fitnes” was identified only with the sports halls and fitnes clubs, then formed complexes of exercises for home fitnes, and only in the last few years has become quite hard to develop fitnes in the office.

It should be noted that a warm up is conducted in the workplace – this will save you from apathy, and your body full of osification!

It is worth saying that the office fitnes have the opportunity to conduct once a day – for example, you in his schedule will take him 15-20 minutes. This is done in the afternoon or before lunch break (after warm-up does not immediately go to the dining room!)

Have the opportunity to go a different path – “paste” some exercise into your work schedule. For example, when sitting at the computer – is to straighten the legs under the table. Some people go to smoke – and you go in the hallway or go down a few times and climb the stairs. When everyone came out from the room – can stand up and make a few bends.

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