Exercise and morning exercises for children from one year up to 7 years

Movement is the main manifestation of life. Limitation of movement adversely affects all life proceses. Especially harmful immobility for young children: it slows the growth, retards mental development, and reduces the resistance to adverse environmental factors. That’s why from the first days of life the child needs a variety of movements. This not only improves the development of muscles; ligaments, and bones, and improves nerve proceses.

Gymnastic exercises teach the children a clear and precise movements necesary for people in everyday life; at the same time they will educate, develop initiative and independence, help develop the plasticity of movements and habit to systematically engage in further physical culture.

Physical exercise should be regulated taking into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the growing organism. Because not all exercises are useful to adults, helpful child. Not got stronger muscles and ligaments can’t handle the surge, resulting in damaged bones and joints. Children of preschool age are not allowed to do with kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-UPS, jumping from a height.

Morning exercise is a necesary element of the mode of the day. In the morning, after rising, a child must have to do gymnastics. But before you start to exercise regularly with the child, parents need to read them several times to do with your child to get a good idea of what requirements need to present them at the time. The baby quickly and have mastered the exercises, they should show correctly, is beautiful. The screening exercise should always be accompanied by a affordable explanation.

Morning exercises for kids up to 5 years contributes to the development of major movements, harmonious development of the child. It’s walking, running, balancing, throwing and catching objects, climbing, exercises for development of muscles of the legs and shoulder girdle.