Counseling for physical education on the topic of the Benefits of swimming

“He can neither read nor swim” – as in Ancient Greece spoke about a man unworthy to be called a citizen.

The influence of swimming on a growing child’s body.

Regular swimming lesons contribute to the formation of correct posture, evenly develop all muscle groups. Due to the horizontal position of the body during swimming and active movements of the hands improves the flexibility of the spinal column, which makes extensive use of this type of physical activity as a means of prevention and treatment of disorders of

posture and also as an effective factor of medical physical culture.

Great tempering the impact of swimming. This creates good conditions for the adaptation of human organism to changes in environmental conditions.

Children swimmers are much les exposed to colds. In addition, the tempering has a positive effect on the activity of the Central and peripheral nervous system – children become more

quiet, good sleep.

Swimming is a vital skill. After all, who can not swim, puts himself in constant danger when meeting water.

International statistics of recent years shows that the number of deaths from accidents drowning accounts for a considerable percentage. Most often drown children from 3 to 10 years (34 %) .

To teach your child responsibility, the same as to teach how to cros the street.

Don’t forget to bring things to your child

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