Exercise and water is tips to maintain the body
Water is an important source of strength for the human body. We are 60% water and muscles are 75. Water is the creative element that supports life proceses, body temperature…

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Any shower is better recovery after workouts
Australian scientists have discovered what shower helps to recover faster after intense workouts Despite the high level of development of sports medicine, among doctors, coaches and athletes, there is no…

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Kolyvanov in “Ufa” give a lot of stres on the increase stamina

The media learned about the invasion of two Tu-95 in air defence zone over Alaska

Apartment Novodvorskaya was saved from capture by fraudsters

Real estate

Merkel stresed the importance of the trip to Moscow on may 10

Rusian bikers made in Tbilisi to remove the St. George ribbon

Pushkov called cynicism refused to investigate the events in Odesa

The controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo ekraniziruetsya”

Ivanov declared readines of Rusia to cooperate with the West

Duches Kate gave birth to Prince George sister

Ford patented a new transmision

NATO disappointed in the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

The U.S. has threatened to increase presure on Rusia

The largest low-cost airline Europe hackers robbed $5 million

The militia removed the “Ukrainian” soft sign with steles “Donetsk”

Italy hotels guests will pay the way by train

Team Rusia hockey team defeated Norway

The los of “Progres”, the fire under Chernobyl, memories Putin about the parents, and other events of the week

Day of memory of victims of the tragedy in Odesa and other news of the First channel

Week in photos

Well, you didn’t notice

How to be Homer Simpson

35 years with Electronics and Syroezhkin

Mayweather and Pacquiao: ice and fire

Three lives of Hetman Skoropadsky

“Rusia started the match with prohibitive attitude”

“We didn’t know that we will kill”

“I say only what I know”

Karate bikini

The largest low cost airline of Europe was robbed by hackers

Titov proposes to toughen penalties for fraud for entrepreneurs