Exercise and water is tips to maintain the body

Water is an important source of strength for the human body. We are 60% water and muscles are 75. Water is the creative element that supports life proceses, body temperature and even muscle formation. Perhaps many do not know, but even glycogen, which is energy for your workout three quarters, consists of water. Accordingly, the lack of water slows down the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as slowing the growth of muscle. No wonder respected in the fitnes rooms are geyser water filters. this really

is a required component for training.

Scientists found that the amount consumed per day, the liquid should be at least 2.5 liters. But during exercise the human body loses fluid in the form of sweat and exhaled steam. Under heavy loads and water los can be up to 1.5 liters per hour, then takes on the workability. Experienced coaches say that 2 hours before your workout you should drink at least half liter of water to the load were longer.

Basic rules of water in training. Water should always be at hand. Drink water in small portions, about 100 grams every 20 minutes. Water is better to drink warm or room temperature. Choose a quality non-carbonated filtered water, because backfill filter manufacturer water keep harmful microorganisms and elements.

Drinking water also affects the condition of fat cells. The reason is that without our fluid cells do not actively filter the emisions of the body, so they have to seek help from the liver. Therefore, on the liver to go dual task, but it is responsible for boosting the reserves of fat for recycling into energy.

Drink plenty of fluids. Many have experienced the medicinal action of this simple recipe.