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Exercise – cardiovascular diseases – Endocrinology.

Physical activity

Considerable importance must be given to the increase in physical activity, and especially recommended to allocate the so-called aerobic physical activity (involving oxygen). To reduce blood presure by 10 mm Hg. article can lead vigorous walking or swimming for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. You must pay attention to the fact that isometric load is kind of heavy lifting are not good for the heart.

Psychological factors and stres also have an influence on the risk of developing heart disease. «All diseases of the nerves!», – the famous phrase of S. P. Botkin still not lost its relevance, on the contrary, became even more crucial. Here we can recommend only one thing – splash out out all your emotions, both negative and positive. Don’t keep

them to yourself!

Socio-economic status of an individual is also an important factor. People with good incomes and prestigious profesion get sick much les often than the poor and not organized. This statement is especially so for heart disease. According to statistics, in the U.S., the risk of death asociated with heart disease, those with an annual income of les than 18 500 $ 40% higher than people with an annual income of more than 32 000 $. So the search for additional income or interesting and profitable profesion also can be considered as preventive measures to improve their health.

Today (as, unfortunately, always) a lot of talk about the change of the lifestyle. I advise them to apply a little les, although more often than perform. A healthy lifestyle is asociated with certain psychological discomfort (not to forget that all the good in life is either immoral or it makes you fat). But if you put a little composure and remember that today it is fashionable to live a healthy lifestyle, you may well be able to come to these events not as a drudgery, but as something desirable.