Workout on treadmill - TechnoFitnes
When we train, we need to understand how to best use a particular machine to fully achieve their goals through the training more quickly. Common problems with exercise on a…

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What are the dangers of home equipment - how to choose the right equipment for home, exercise equipment for home, home
The lack of fitnes experience, the desire to achieve results, incorrect dosing of the load can lead to unpleasant consequences. Than we can hurt during training and how to avoid…

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Chinese gymnastics daoyin GB Thermae Hotels

Part of traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Chinese energy exercises daoyin came to Europe in the early 50-ies of the last century. To date, this gymnastics is widely used by the monks of Zen Buddhism. This kind of gymnastics is aimed at normalization, support and stimulation of the vital energy that circulates in the human body.

Among the techniques used in gymnastics Dao-Yin, it is worth mentioning the stimulation of the meridians through self masage and finger presure on

specific points, as well as breathing exercises, meditation and exercises on recurrent element of Qi. After training with a personal trainer specialist daoyin, in the future, the exercises can be performed independently.

Depending on the methods used, this gymnastics may poses tonic or relaxant effect on the body. In addition, it helps to better know their body and to increase its sensitivity.

Exercises daoyin stimulates consciousnes and restores energy balance; used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes to promote health and improve overall health. Regular gymnastics daoyin significantly increase the vitality and mobility of the person. Each Thermal Spa hotels GB Thermae Hotels in Abano Terme you can order individual gymnastics daoyin.

In the program at the Abano Grand Hotel provides gymnastics daoyin in small groups twice a week.

Counseling for physical education on the topic of the Benefits of swimming
"He can neither read nor swim" - as in Ancient Greece spoke about a man unworthy to be called a citizen. The influence of swimming on a growing child's body.…


To buy fitnes equipment for home in Moscow, low prices in the online store Cardinal Sports
To buy exercise equipment for home in the online store "CARDINAL-SPORT is very simple. Our experts will help determine the optimal choice of the simulator with regard to the conditions…

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