Any shower is better recovery after workouts

Australian scientists have discovered what shower helps to recover faster after intense workouts

Despite the high level of development of sports medicine, among doctors, coaches and athletes, there is no clear and generally accepted view on this question. Australian researchers decided to find out how warm, cool and douches affect the speed of recovery after heavy training or competition.

During the study, the scientists analyzed how water treatments affected the results of the five-day program in 12 cyclists. Every day after the

competition, athletes performed one of the planned procedures with a duration of 14 minutes. It’s been dipping into the cool water with a temperature of 15 ° C, immersion in warm water with a temperature of -38 Celsius only, alternating cool and warm water or just rest without the 14-minute water treatment.

The results showed that those cyclists who took a cool or a douche, check-in time was les than the athletes who simply rested or took a warm shower. The difference in sportsmen’s training was considered beforehand and the results of the study had no effect.

So Australian scientists say that a cool or a douche will help athletes quickly recover before the next competition.


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