Fitnes afterdelivery with Cindy Crawford
Women often after childbirth face the problem – what you need to bring your body in normal shape. With this purpose, the world-famous model Cindy Crawford has created a New…

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What are the benefits of swimming in Basani
Many people want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but because of our crazy graphics that joy can afford not all. A healthy lifestyle includes not only Smoking cesation, but proper…

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Morning physical zaryadka


Charging — morning physical exercise is an important means daily training of military personnel. The development of endurance, speed, strength and agility, hardening, strengthening health and physical development — these are the common tasks of physical training. For the development of endurance in soldiers, already engaged in physical activities, exercises periodically include cros-country running (cros). For the development of speed endurance long run in a measured pace alternates with short but quick throws.

General physical endurance of soldiers perfectly enhances training in running. For example, for the development of quick response and action, agility and courage are a number of high-speed exercises: running in the

fastest posible pace to 100 meters, relay race, relay race jumping over pits, trenches, exercise equipment and other hurdles, the long jump with a running start.

To develop endurance, mixed movement (walking and running), croses, speed exercises done in combination with complexes of free exercises, with exercises on various gymnastic apparatus, weight lifting, overcoming obstacles, swimming.

Charging soldier involved at least 300 times a year. If he will do the same exercise, then after 20-30 reps, the body will be involved in standard loads, will adapt to them and cease to improve. To increase strength, you need to improve the physical qualities and skills to apply the tools of this physical exercise, by which the respective centers of the cerebral cortex is regularly affected by a variety, varied stimuli. To fight fatigue and increase stamina, you should avoid the quick adaptability of the organism to perform the same type of exercise when charging. And exercises should be conducted on the various options that succesfully meet the challenges of strengthening the combat capability of the soldier.