Morning gymnastics

Gymnastics for 15 minutes

What is included in the set of exercises?

Though time is not too much, it will be enough to perform a full range of exercises. About 5-minute warm-up, which will help your body to Wake up, and muscle tone will increase. Then the basis of charging – exercises of varying complexity.

In a complex of physical exercises for 15 minutes charge must include:

the rotational motion of the major joints;

tilts in different directions;


walking or running;


upgrades torso and legs;

quick Mahi hands.

It is necesary to involve all muscle groups. The above exercise is only a simple example. They can be changed, to complement and expand. Don’t forget that charging should be fun and easy, and not torture for the body.

Important nuances

Morning gymnastics for 15 minutes will bring the maximum benefit if you adhere to some recommendations. First, you need to make a short pause between exercises. Secondly, do not overtax the body. Thirdly, to need charging every day instead of once a week.

It is very important to pick a set of exercises that will be perfect for you. Using the 15-minute morning exercises can cause the body in order to strengthen muscles, get rid of extra inches, build muscle and make skin gorgeous. Almost all women dream to lose weight and men to build muscle. Light exercises will be the best “asistant” in it.

Increase physical activity gradually. At the first stage perform exercises to warm the muscles. Then comes the time for moderate, but effective physical activity.

If the body is not accustomed to regular exercise, then you can start with 5-minute morning exercises. Gradually the time is increased, and the exercise program supplemented. This will allow to avoid such troubles, as delayed onset muscle sorenes, sprains. Charging is good mood for the whole day, beautiful shape, healthy body. To perform morning physical exercise is not as difficult as it seems.