Exercises at work

Your work is one of those that is called “sitting”. You are an accountant, or Manager, or Secretary, or big bos. Anyway, regardles of profesion and from office, your workplace chair or armchair, and a large part of your life you spend sitting on it. This almost always means that by the end of the day you have stiff neck and lower back, you feel extreme fatigue and tirednes. Perhaps you have exces weight. you frequent headaches, fuzzy heart, his blood presure.

You realize that your health problems are caused by lack of movement, but your work does not allow you to move more. What to do in this situation? Your office chair and will keep you on a leash, continuing to destroy your health?

Do not rush to change profesion! To increase physical activity needed for normal functioning of your body, you can, without leaving the workplace. Will allow this hidden exercise – Suna – PSV method. Your “gymnastics” will remain invisible to others, because all the exercises PSV – hidden.

You can continue your conversation, speech at a meeting or dialogue with the buyer, while exercising, improving health, maintaining good physical shape and a beautiful figure.

Recall that Suna PSV are not exercises in the strict sense of the word. What Suna differ from the exercises and how to use the Methods of Reinforcement Loads for training in a variety of situations, see the section Hidden Exercise PSV – Suna.

Hidden industrial gymnastics PSV – “office fitnes”

Exercise for arm muscles

Sitting at the table (for example, working on the computer, working with documents, communicating with colleagues, etc.) on a discreet place one hand around the edge of the table and tighten your arm like you’re trying to lift the table (Fig. 1). Control to turn the table.

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