How to choose a treadmill and which one is better
The most popular exercise equipment is the treadmill, as it is recognized as the most effective trainer for weight reduction is cardio, strengthening the cardiovascular system. Try to understand what…

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School running Scirun workout on a treadmill, the treadmill.
The search feature of Google Books for the word “treadmill” shows books on medical topics, physical therapy, geriatrics (treadmill test, treadmill index Duke, treadmill ergometry, treadmill training). So, an exercise…

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How to choose a Jogging outfit — The Village — The Village

Special project “10K” begins the countdown to the city’s main race this fall — We Run Moscow. Two weeks before the start, we will explain how to use this time — how to plan the rest of your workout, what equipment to choose and how to ensure a succesful finish. Materials prepared with the support of Nike.


The most common problem — excesive pronation when the foot is strong “collapses” inside and it needs to stabilize. Most often, this

type of pronation prone runners with a low arch or flat feet. Supination, or insufficient pronation, occurs much les frequently — usually in runners with high arch foot. Normal pronation, the rotation of the foot inward about 15% and the optimal load distribution typical for people with normal arch of the foot.

The latest novelty in the line of Nike stabilization — running shoes Nike LunarGlide 6: their sole consists of a hard layer of Phylon foam and two layers of Lunarlon foam, softer in the toe area and more elastic in the heel area. From traditional support running shoes LunarGlide features a wedge-shaped connection of different density foam so that the inner, more rigid and elastic, some soles were connected only in those moments when runners need support to ensure equal distribution of load when running. Also for hyperpronation important for more rigid fixation of the heel, which is achieved by using inserts of plastic.


Exercise - cardiovascular diseases - Endocrinology.
Physical activity Considerable importance must be given to the increase in physical activity, and especially recommended to allocate the so-called aerobic physical activity (involving oxygen). To reduce blood presure by…


The healing properties of juices
Berry, fruit and vegetable juices is a valuable food with healing properties. Juices contain huge amounts of nutrients that are esential to our body. They are rich in mineral salts,…

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