How to use Android during cros-country training

Sports today unthinkable without the use of high technology that have become available not only to profesionals but also Amateurs. In particular this applies to a variety of mobile gadgets, with which the athletes have the opportunity to plan training and to monitor their implementation, to collect statistics, analyze your achievements and much more. In this article you will learn about several ways to use smartphones running Android to solve typical problems that occur when Jogging. The main purpose of sports programs on the smartphone is collecting data about your physical activity. Interacting with various sensors, devices and location system, they are able to determine the speed of the runner, the rate of movement,

distance traveled, altitude above sea level and some other parameters. However, their abilities do not end there.

Planning training

If your Jogging have any specific goal, such as participating in competitions, the most reasonable would be to develop and follow a training plan. Previously it was necesary to seek the services of a personal trainer, but now in the role of the latter may be the adidas miCoach program.

Clicking on the project one of the many available training plans and synchronize it with your smartphone, you can get directions while running from a virtual coach, who will follow the correct pace and distance.

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