How to increase stamina?
Run Stable health, and stamina, give not rocking and similar stuff, and Eastern practices. For they trenirujut not only the body but the spirit. And it already absolutely other level…

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How to choose exercise equipment for home, online store Fitnes Drive
Exercise equipment for home are for regular physical activities. Only then the user can feel the effect of their use. But before buying the simulator, it is necesary to clearly…

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Workout on treadmill – TechnoFitnes

When we train, we need to understand how to best use a particular machine to fully achieve their goals through the training more quickly.

Common problems with exercise on a treadmill

A common mistake dealing on the treadmill, whether it is simply walking or running, to do the same speed for twenty or thirty minutes. It’s quick, so you are very tired and very bored. Also, this training does not give effective results.

Another common error beginners – rate. Without warming up You are trying to keep a fast pace. Such training usually leads to muscle pain and

even injury, not to mention premature disappointment at the track. It also means that you are not using the muscles of the lower body effectively. Respectively – a waste of time.

Tips for safe workouts on the treadmill

Warm up – at least for a couple of minutes.

A gradual increase in load – to avoid the risk of injury.

Shortnes of breath – that your heart and muscles gradually returned to normal.

The speed change will provide a better training of the cardiovascular system.

Exercise “fat” on the treadmill.

Studies have shown that the intensity of the workout with cardio control actually increases your metabolism. It means a lot in human life.

Cardiovascular exercise on a treadmill.

You want to focus on keeping the cardiovascular system, not much loading it. Monitoring of heart rate is an important type of workout. Ideally, You need to spend more time on the treadmill, breathing hard but not gasping for air.

After You become experienced enough, You will have the opportunity to perform a wider range of exercises on the computer. This variety will also help you to achieve the best results. You can play with all the built-in programs on the treadmill and even save your own workout.