Six reasons that may force You to give up exercise
There was a situation in which every time You are going to workout, you need to force yourself? Or You don't find reasons to go, or Vice versa looking for…

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What are the dangers of home equipment - how to choose the right equipment for home, exercise equipment for home, home
The lack of fitnes experience, the desire to achieve results, incorrect dosing of the load can lead to unpleasant consequences. Than we can hurt during training and how to avoid…

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How to avoid injuries when playing sports, Healthy lifestyle, health, healthy lifestyle, human health,

Most sports injuries occur while playing football or basketball, Biking or Jogging.

How to avoid them?

Even if it’s warm, you must warm up before practice

Before the workout well stretch ‘ em out and pull the muscles. Spend 10-15 minutes and prepare the body to physical exercise. Start with a light load

and gradually increasing it. For example, first – brisk walking, and then Jogging. You have to warm up all muscle groups used while running.

How to make the training most safe? Nine steps to prevent injury

Wear protective clothing such as helmet and knee pads should not lie in the closet when you go out to practice.

Sports bag should be in perfect condition to prevent risk of injury.

Always replace or repair broken sports equipment.

If you are ill or feel unwell, please postpone the training.

If you are Jogging, Cycling or inline skating, always follow traffic rules and avoid uneven surfaces.

Follow the instructions and warnings in the gym, the pool, the Park, the beach.

Do not dive deeper than three meters, and always test new equipment before the dive.

Start clases with new sports, especially increasing adrenaline, only under the guidance of an experienced coach and having a good theoretical training.

Do not overreach.

How many water you drink?