Topic “7 ways to transform the sport in a fun”

“Plank” is one of the most useful exercises. While you’re standing in the pose of “strip”, working all the muscles in your body. ALL! Stand in the “bar” as soon as you get out of bed. Start with 30 seconds, bring up to 1 minute. Come on, you have 1 minute to clean the teeth? Here and on the bar 1 minute there!

2. Reward yourself

It is not just the dogs during training. Determine your goal ( to lose some pounds or to build muscle thighs, or get into old jeans, etc.) Promise yourself something desirable for achieving this goal. It is advisable to identify the time (after a week of hard training masage). And when you want to throw a hateful exercise bike into a wall, remember that very soon

you will send yourself to a gorgeous well-deserved masage, or buy yourself those shoes.

3. Do not overdo it immediately

All or nothing! So usually decide beginners in fitnes, which was not engaged at all or considered active exercise ches. So they set themselves an imposible goal, be brutal schedule – every day for two hours in the hall, for example. After a week they did not remain neither forces, nor desire, the pain becomes their second name. They tearfully throw hateful fitnes.

Do not be so! Let’s move little steps. At first gradually, and then increase the load. And make sure that everything was in joy! This is the only way to make a fitnes friend.

The same applies to weight los. Very often in the beginning of the year people set themselves the goal – much to lose weight by spring. Lose weight, but not much and not quickly! First, dramatically dropping pounds is harmful. Secondly, it would be necesary without violence on the body. Let’s promise ourselves – “hard in the gym and eat healthy food” and not “to lose 20 pounds in a week.”

4. Reach for your big toes

Yes, stretching is very important. To keep your body moving not only effectively, but slowly, the joints need range of motion, and therefore need to be flexible and stretched. As soon as you begin to reach, immediately feel how alive your muscles, given how much easier movement. And be sure to set a goal to stretch – for example, to reach the big toes.

5. Locate the company

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