Exercise and morning exercises for children from one year up to 7 years
Movement is the main manifestation of life. Limitation of movement adversely affects all life proceses. Especially harmful immobility for young children: it slows the growth, retards mental development, and reduces…

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Neskuchny ideas for fitnesa
Eat well sleep, enjoy the rest and guaranteed to lose the extra pounds. It's fantastic? No, a new exclusive diet designed by the Wellnes centre is a world clas Miraval…

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How to choose a treadmill and which one is better

The most popular exercise equipment is the treadmill, as it is recognized as the most effective trainer for weight reduction is cardio, strengthening the cardiovascular system. Try to understand what characteristics should have a treadmill and that you need to pay attention when it is selected.

The most popular trainer in the fitnes centers is a treadmill. The main reason that treadmills are recognized as the most effective in terms of burning fat and losing weight. The transfer of the practitioner’s own body in space activates metabolic proceses in the body, burning calories and firming the body, at first glance only work the legs, in fact, involves all

of the body.

Also, treadmills are a group of cardio equipment, i.e. normalize the cardiovascular system, improve the shape and have a restorative effect on the body. Of course, the result is achieved through an integrated approach: proper nutrition, proper sleep, regular workouts and following the recommendations of the instructor. However, incorrectly chosen equipment can overshadow the joy of exercise and will not give the expected result. So we decided to learn more about the characteristics and design features of treadmills.

Types of treadmills: advantages and disadvantages

Treadmills are divided into two types – mechanical and electrical. Consider their strengths and weakneses.

Motorized treadmill